DIY Box Pinata–Minecraft Decoration


We are throwing a surprise party for Sterling’s son, Trenton who is obsessed with Minecraft. I knew we had to have a pinata for this party and I wanted to try my hand at making my own. It was a little time consuming, but pretty easy and it’s cool to have a custom pinata for the party. Pinatas range in price with the average being about $20-35 so if you don’t have a few hours to devote, it may just be better to buy one.

Here are the things you’ll need to make the pinata.

You’ll need:

  1. A square box
  2. Scissors
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Masking tape
  5. Packing tape
  6. Permanent marker
  7. Plain white paper
  8. Screw eye
  9. Thin plywood

UPDATE: So after having the party, the box was really super strong–too strong to be destroyed by a plastic bat and too strong to be destroyed by children with a regular bat. Sterling had to take a swing at it to get it open, so if you’re going to use an Amazon box, you’ll definitely want to cut all the sides of the box separately and loosely reconnect them with masking tape to allow the box to be broken eventually!

My box wasn’t square which is what I needed for the TNT from Minecraft so I had to modify the rectangular box I had. If you already have a box in the shape you need, you can skip ahead! 🙂

I drew a line on the inside of the box marking where a square would be. Then I cut off that side of the box including the flaps.

Then I cut off the sides of the box so I just had the end of the box and the flaps on the top and bottom so it would be easy to reattach.

I slid the bottom flap into the rest of the box and attached the end with the rest of the box using masking tape. I didn’t want it to be too strong so it wouldn’t be too hard to destroy since we have a plastic bat.

Once you have a box in the shape you want, you’re ready to start making and attaching the fringe! I had a package with two rolls of streamer and I used almost all of both of them for this box which is about 12 x 12 x 12.

Fold the streamer back and forth over itself so you can make the least amount of cuts for the most fringe!

The next thing I did was fold the streamer back and forth over itself in about 8 inch sections (this number is not important and can be any length that is easy for you to manage) and then cut up in one direction leaving just under half the streamer uncut. I cut a lot of streamer before I started attaching so I wouldn’t have to keep stopping to cut more. If I had wanted to do this without stopping at all, I would have had to cut through both rolls (which I would do next time just to have it all ready to go).

To attach to the box, I just made a straight vertical line down the side of the box and put the non-frayed part of the streamer on it. Leave some streamer over the top and bottom edge because it will make covering the top and bottom WAY easier. Just continue gluing and placing streamers in the same direction around the whole side of the box.

When I got to the corners I had to go back to fill them in with more streamers so you couldn’t see box.

The bottom of the box I did the same way by laying streamer all in one direction, and then after I did that, I glued down the inch overhang I left from the sides which made it look really seamless 🙂 I waited until the pinata was full and taped shut to do the same process on the top.

The bottom where you can see the inch overhang
Then once all the bottom is covered, put some glue under the overhang to cover the seams up!

For this size box, I was good with the label being a regular sheet of paper folded and cut in half on the long side. I then Googled Minecraft font and made my signs using permanent marker. Since this was for Trenton, I made half the signs say Trent and half say TNT, but you can make the signs say whatever suits you.

Then I eyeballed the center of the side and hot glued the sign. First I lined it up and then put glue under two corners. Then I was able to lift the rest of the sign without it moving and put more glue to make sure it was secure.

Then we went to Sterling’s shop to get a thin piece of plywood that was smaller than the top of the box and a loop screw. We hammered the loop screw into the middle of the plywood to get it started and then turned it to screw it in. We also screwed it into a small piece of scrap wood on the other side to make sure it was really secure and wouldn’t come undone and drop the pinata.

Hammer the loop screw in to get it started
We used a screwdriver to tighten the loop screw into the board
Here you can see the loop screw through both the board and the scrap wood

Then we filled the pinata with candy and toys, put in the plywood with the loop screw sticking out the top and taped the box shut with regular packing tape.

The sealed pinata!

Then I used the same technique as I did on the bottom for the top and voila! The completed project 🙂 It was a big hit (pun intended) with the kiddos 😀


Questions or thoughts? Please let me know in the comments below!

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