About Us!

We were high school sweethearts that went our separate ways. After 12 years life brought us back together. We both love to build and make things which is how the subject matter of this blog came to be.

Sterling served in the U.S. Army for five years. When his son was born he left the army and bought a house in Northern Georgia where he built his woodworking shop. He enjoys making all kinds of crafts and has an amazing knack for creating things out of wood.


Sara has been working in the hospitality and travel industry for almost ten years since graduating with a degree in marketing. She has always been creative and artistic and even taught painting for two years. She has wanted to learn carpentry and woodworking for awhile now. With no previous woodworking knowledge she wants to learn and share her findings here with you.

Someday, we hope to quit our “day jobs” and be able to live off making and selling things in our shop.